Windsinger Omayinka Q*6 BrCh AN033812D




7 Bcc's to date

Date of Birth: 12/02/2011
Bred By: Mr Jed Holdbrook

Ear Mark: UK205608 00006


479.73kg in 136 days 5.51% butterfat 3.78% protein


Sire: 228/201 Holdbrook Notorious HB075769D

Dam: R148 Windsinger Calypso Q*5 AN033213DA



+ Holdbrook Quagmire

Dam: Windsinger Omayinka Q*6 Br Ch AN033812D

Sire: 104/168 Holdbrook Philanderer AN034140DA


2014 Omayinka's AI Kids



Windsinger Revelator AN035029HA                     Windsinger Rokocoko AN035030HA

Dam: Windsinger Omayinka Q*6 BrCh AN033812D

Sire: Mineshop Germinator AN034676D