CH 168/133 Spellborn Knightbird Br Ch AN032505DA




BCC & Reserve Best Male, also Best Sire & Progeny at Welsh Spring & Garden Festival

Best Sire & Progeny Mid Essex Male

BCC & Reserve Best Male Cheshire Show

Best Male in Show CC and BCC South Western Goat Show



BCC & Reserve Best Male South Western Goat show

Best Male in Show CC and BCC Cheshire Show

Best Male in Show CC and BCC Norwich Male & Yst

Date of Birth: 4th April 2007
Owned/Bred By: Miss Tanith Holdbrook

Ear Mark: UK205608  74 MLH

Sire: 133/102 Friarlea Ulric AN030803D
Dam: AR168 Holdbrook Hexspirit Q*4 Br Ch AN031734D


Bird's daughters


            Spellborn Lungilie AN032888D              Spellborn Lesedi *5                                         Spellborn Lindiwe


Dam:  RM 148Holdbrook Jeera Q*3 AN032153DA  

              Sire: $$168/133 Spellborn KnightbirdAN032505DA


         AR175 Holdbrook Lunasea *5  HB075066D     AR228 Holdbrook Lunatick Q*5 HB075065D



                 Sire:  CH$$168/133 Spellborn Knightbird Br Ch AN032505DA


Holdbrook Mahina Q*4

Dam: RM148 Holdbrook Jeera Q*3 AN032153DA  

    Sire: CH$$168/133 Spellborn Knightbird BrCh AN032505DA




                               Holdbrook Naquiba              &                                    $164/168+ Holdbrook Naboo


Sire:   CH168/133 Spellborn Knightbird Br ChAN032505D

Dam:  AR164 Windsinger Juvela Q*4 Br Ch AN32133D  



Knightrider van Oudwoude         &           Louise van Oudwoude

Dam : Lady Dianne van Ouwoude      AI Sired by Spellborn Kiightbird    (photos courtesy Goffe de Boer)