Officially Milk Recorded * & Q* Milkers     HOLDBROOK HERD         CAE Whole Herd Negative Tested

  Anglo Nubian Dairy Goats      

Winners of many prestigious British Goat Society  awards frequently winning milking trials at BGS recognised shows & awards at the National Breed Shows

The herd excels in butter-fats and protein. We have exported worldwide


                                                Sire of Merit                                                                                                   Dam of Excellence


                  SM CH 163/201 Holdbrook Fungus BrCh                                                     RM201 Stefash Misty Q*2  

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Sire of Merit

CH 168/133 Spellborn Knightbird Br Ch AN032505DA


CAE Whole Herd Negative Tested  

Herd currently closed to regain Scrapie Monitored status in April 2015

      Whole herd tested TB clear 07/08/2008  

Last updated 14th Feb 2015

Quality Semen for sale

Price per straw 25-40

Semen Available from our two Sire of Merit Full Champions & many others



BGS Licensed Inseminator with high success rate, see our AI kids page!!!!!!!!




Windsinger Omayinka Q*6 BrCh AN033812D

Reserve Best In Show Bristol 2014

8 Bcc's






Breed Champions



RM187 Holdbrook Dimondwyte Q*3 BrCh AN30379D                                      RM153 Holdbrook Eddoe Q*3 BrCh AN30757D  




                  RM168 Holdbrook Hexspirit Q*4  Br Ch AN031734D       AR164 Windsinger Juvela Q*4 BrCh AN32133D         RM148 Windsinger Calypso Q*5 BrCh AN033213DA




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